HCT secures new public health nursing contract for Hertfordshire

Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust has been announced as the new provider for public health nursing in Hertfordshire by Hertfordshire County Council. The Council commissions public health services across the county, and recently ran a tender process to select organisations to provide its Family Centre Services, which include public health nursing services for children and young people.

40% of smokers incorrectly think nicotine causes cancer - No Smoking Day: PHE advises going ‘cold turkey’ is least effective way to quit

No Smoking Day 14 March 2018
  • Recent PHE report shows widespread false belief that nicotine replacement therapies (NRT) such as patches and gums are harmful 
  • Similar misperceptions were reported for e-cigarettes, which while not risk-free carry a small fraction of the risk of smoking;1
  • This confusion may be linked to people’s perception of the risks of nicotine;
  • PHE’s advice on No Smoking Day is that going ‘cold turkey’ is least effective way to quit
  • You’re four times as likely to succeed by getting expert support from a stop smoking service and using a quit aid. 


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