Let's Talk consultation document

We need to make the best use of the money available so that we can help as many people as possible to live healthier, longer lives, avoiding preventable illnesses.

We simply don’t have the money to do everything and continue as we are, so we want to hear your views about some difficult decisions on how we spend the money available to the local NHS.

Publish date: 
Thursday, 6 July, 2017

Local Digital Roadmap (LDR) – Hertfordshire and west Essex

This Local Digital Roadmap (LDR) is the underlying digital strategy for the Hertfordshire and west Essex STP.  It will show how we will seek to use technology for the benefit of patients, service users, practitioners and commissioners and support the delivery plan of the STP.

Publish date: 
Thursday, 12 January, 2017

A Healthier Future - Summary

Across England, NHS and social care organisations have been encouraged to work more closely together to deliver more effective, joined-up and affordable services.

In Hertfordshire and west Essex, councils, health and ambulance services, GPs, patient representative groups and the voluntary and community sector have been asked by the NHS to produce an improvement plan for the next five years. 

These improvement plans are called ‘Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships’ (STPs). The STP for Hertfordshire and west Essex is called ‘A Healthier Future’. This document is a summary of that plan and has been produced to encourage as much public debate and involvement in the development of our STP as possible.

An easy read version of this document is availabe here.

PDF icon A Healthier Future - Summary6.74 MB
Publish date: 
Monday, 12 December, 2016


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